There is an arch in the middle of Solferino Street facing Piazza Repubblica, known to all the islanders as the “archióttu”.

When and why this name was given, no one knows for sure. But many people say that this arch was constructed sometime near the end of the eighteenth century and that it was the door to the garden of the Rapallo family, at that time one of the wealthiest families of Carloforte.

This place is perhaps one of the most photographed corners of Carloforte.  It has been the subject of many paintings and sketches, and visitors who visit the town in summer often stop to admire it and have their photograph taken in front of it.   Even the islanders gather for photographs in front of s'archiottu on different occasions, for example to celebrate a birthday or during the Carloforte Carnival when groups of friends get together.

Its picturesque charm inspires the local people to use the steps in front of the arch as an informal meeting place in the summer, where people read poems or sing and play traditional songs in front of this piece of Carloforte’s history.


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