Carloforte Isola del Gusto is an event born from the history of cultural and archaeological testimonies. These cultural influences have characterized the island of San Pietro for centuries and still manifest themselves in the traditional dishes.  Hence the idea to promote and enhance both the archaeological and cultural contributions to the “archeocuisine”, the food culture that represents over a thousand years of history that have been conserved in recipes still in use on the island. 
The event, given the success of the 2016 edition, will probably be repeated next year.  Many visitors crowded the town on the weekend of April 23rd through the 25th. All of them came to discover the island’s "archeocuisine" through the tasting of recipes made with the finest local ingredients, whose roots lie in the Phoenicians-Punic Era, the 
Roman age, medieval and Renaissance times.  The menus offered in the restaurants of 
Carloforte during the festival were directly proposed by some of the top chefs of Italy. 
Experiencing these ancient flavors allows us to learn about the history of the island civilizations where they originated, in a metaphorical journey through the millennia.
During the event there were meetings dedicated to archeo-cuisine and the archaeological treasures of the island of San Pietro, which were attended by Italian and international academics such as Prof. Wissam Khalil, of the Department of Art and Archaeology of the Faculty of Literature of Beirut, and Professor Michele Guirguis of the University of Sassari, as well as other experts in food history and ancient civilizations.
 During the event, the new Multimedia Museum of the Tower of San Vittorio was inaugurated with the participation of Roberto Giacobbo, host of the famous Italian television show Voyager. 


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