The route, inside the Lipu oasis, leads to the beautiful bay of Cala Fico, on the northwest coast of the island and descends to the sea between the old mining facilities and rare geological formations. The trail climbs the Cala Fico passing through marvelous rocks called ciazzette, shaped by the wind and rain,  that change their appearance from time to time offering breathtaking panoramas. The cliffs, overlooking the sea, are dotted with rare and highly scented vegetation and a peculiar rock formation called Canne d'Organo (organ pipes), which are stunning natural rock columns that, in the light of the sunset, look golden.
DURATION: 2 hours
EQUIPMENT: Hiking shoes, water, sports clothing, long pants
PARTICIPANTS: Max 15 people
INFO LINE: +39 338 2776307 for information and reservations

Link to Article - HIKING IL SENTIERO VERDE (The Green Trail)

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