A very simple delicious dish, this traditional Carloforte recipe is based on onions. 

The preparation is very simple. Prepare white onions for cooking by removing the papery outer layer and washing them.  Cut them in half vertically, but leave the root portion intact.  Boil them gently in water for about five minutes.  Drain and carefully separate the outer layers from the center, reserving the outer layers for stuffing later.

Boil unpeeled potatoes until tender and drain.  Peel and mash the potatoes into a puree, and add beaten eggs, breadcrumbs, the heart of the onions (finely chopped), minced garlic cloves and parsley, salt, cinnamon and Parmesan. Mix well and, stuff this mixture into the previously prepared onion shells.

Then fry the stuffed onions in olive oil on both sides until golden. Transfer to another pan and cover with tomato sauce.  Continue cooking gently for about 10 minutes.

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