Dark cliffs overlooking the sea, surrounded by water in infinite gradations of blue.  Punta delle Colonne is a popular scenic spot to visit, where the dramatic stone columns face off against the sea, the two stacks of trachytic rock standing tall in front of the coastline, like two old soldiers guarding the entrance to the San Pietro canal.

Recently the pillar closest to land was injured by rough sea conditions, suffering some structural damage.

Le Colonne became a Natural Monument in April 1993, and images of The Pillars remain recorded in millions of photographs taken by tourists who wanted them as a backdrop to immortalize a fleeting moment of romance, to cement a friendship or witness the harmonious solidarity of a group photograph, or just proof of a visit to this extraordinary location.
It can be reached by taking the Road 103 starting from the port of Carloforte. The route is the same as the one to reach the beach of Bobba.  Once in the parking lot, continue walking on the paved trail along the coast up to the square opposite the two columns.

The trail is also accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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