The Saline of Carloforte is a Site of Community Importance (SCI). Here you will find some of the most significant rare waterfowl of Sardinia such as the pink flamingo, the Audouin's gull, the Italian Black-winged stilt, the little egret, the peregrine falcon, the Pied avocet, and the little tern.

Located not far from the center of Carloforte, it had been used for salt production probably since the Punic Ages, but only in 1770 was it turned into an artificial saline by decision of the Savoy Government.

In 1840, all saltworks of Sardinia passed to the State, and in 1882, the General superintendency of the kingdom announced a contract for the "construction of one channel with a bridge in the saline of Carloforte".

The canal was used both to protect the salt mines from flooding, and for the transportation of salt.

The production was stopped in 1998.


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