Capo Sandalo, situated on the western tip of the island of San Pietro, is an extraordinary cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Here stands the lighthouse of the same name, built in 1864 with blocks of stone carved with a chisel and constructed in a cylindrical tower that supports an optical rotating lens with a focal length of 700 mm.

The lighthouse emits a group of four white flashes every 20 seconds; it has a light range of 34 miles and a geographical range of 24 miles.

Visible from 322 ° to 191 ° and 311 ° to 322 ° to the north of Cape Sperone, between the west coast of the Island of Sant'Antioco and the south coast of the Island of San Pietro, this lighthouse is located on the westernmost point of Italy.

Since 1984 it has the function of a beacon and is equipped with 4 apartments for the lighthouse keepers. The summit of the Lighthouse offers breathtaking views and is reachable walking all the 124 steps to the top.
Capo Sandalo is reached along the SP 104 from the port of Carloforte.

The road passes the picturesque bay of Cala Fico and ends in a large square, the Belvedere of Capo Sandalo that, besides the lighthouse, offers a complete view on the large bay of the Becco, and on the islet del Corno (of the horn) and the open sea.

A Mecca for lovers of sunsets over the sea, the Belvedere is one of the favorite places by future couples to celebrate an outdoor wedding.


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